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The city of Saint-Raphael

City of light between the Mediterranean sea and the Esterel Mountains in the south of France.
This lovely city is situated half way between Cannes and St-Tropez.

drawing of the provence alpes cote d'azur region
Map of the region of surrounding Saint-Raphael

About the city

Saint-Raphael , once a small Fisherman's village, is now world-renowned for it massive choice of activities, wonderful climate and beautiful environment. The town center is very close to the sea front, so it allows visitor to make the most of water sports facilities while staying near the busy heart of the city and enjoy shops, colorful restaurants, casino and night clubs.
The  city of Saint-Raphael is divided in several quarters
City center, old town and old port
The principal feature of the town center is to be so closed to the sea and numerous sandy beaches. The old port is always animated with numerous restaurant and pubs. This is where is located our hotel, just 3 mn to everything !!!!!.
Port of Santa Lucia
It is the 3rd largest marina of the French Riviera
Enjoy relaxed walk along the quays and look around the port's many shops
Beautiful quarter where people used to play "boules", which offer some of Saint-Raphael finest creeks and beaches

From the Roman name "Valis Curan"which mean Valley of
Healing, Valescure is a residential quarter with forest of umbrella pines and beautifull green setting.
Antheor _Le Trayas
The impressive red rocks of the Esterel hills offer a unique and characteristic craggy coastline formig 10 Km of pretty creeks and beaches.The "sentier du Littoral" or costal footpath runs 8 Km along the coast pasing by Santa Lucia, Boulouris and Le Dramont.

Le Dramont
Cape Dramont, which forms part of the Esterel national forest, provide some of the coast's finest walking itineraties.
Some people says its Ile d'or Island has inspired one episode of Tintin.
Agay Vay, forming a natural gateway to the hesterel hills, is renowned for the remarkable beauty of its beaches and it safe anchorages."Phare de la Beaumette"lighthouse and the "Fontaine pour le petit Prince" pay tribute to the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery

   The old port of Saint-Raphael